Friday, 29 April 2011

Fairy tale with knobs on aka The Royal Wedding

India Knight in the Sunday Times News Review christened todays event as 'a fairytale with knobs on' and I am looking forward to see how Sarah Burton's design works on Princess Kate.

So before I am off to celebrate our extra free day (and my husband goes to get himself a royal wedding sick bag) I am posting this illustration that I did a while ago for the royal engagement. As usual please click on the image to see it much bigger:

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring dieting

The Spring has arrived and it is time to do some dieting. I must confess that I have gained a bit of weight over the Scottish Winter and I have even started a gentle running regime to lose the flabby bits that suddenly appeared around my waist. However I still would eat anything what my character has on her 'red list' over what I have included on her 'green' one...

The illustrations were prepared for an article about changing our dieting habits so that to loose weight for good. I would be interested in Tracy Anderson's routine that British press is recommending to speed one's slimming down process but so far a circle around the Meadows will have to do.

As usual - please click on the images to enlarge them: