Friday, 25 February 2011

I would love to feel like that...

And this is how you would feel after making a right decision:

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Decisions decisions

I am rubbish at decisions making.

For example last week I went to spend some of my hard earned cash on some shoes ( a girl always need shoes, right?), I decided to buy them within 2 minutes of wearing them in the shop. Came back home and then decided that well, I do not like them that much after all. And they do not go with any of my skirts ( a classic case of too slim legs combined with too sturdy shoes, I looked like I have stolen them from an older brother that I do not have!). Well, to my disappointment the shop protects itself from such undecided shoppers like me and it turned out that I am not able to get my cash back when returning the shoes, I will get a store credit.

So now I do not have anything nice to wear this early Spring and all my cash is locked in some stupid shop's store credit!

No wonder that when Twoj Styl comissioned me with illustration an article about decision making I knew too well how to prepare the drawings! These are some of the proposals for this commission. Stage one (I seem to be permanently in that stage with my decisions...):

Friday, 18 February 2011

Slimming down

The latest illustration for Twoj Styl's beauty section comes bang on time - I have to confess that I have gained some weight over Christmass and from size 8-10 now I have to look into size 10-12. I hope to start some much needed (also for some relax purposes) exercising the moment when weather improves (I hate the gym threadmill and I am scared of all the germs that sweaty human beings leave on the gym equipment - weird, I know!) but this illustration depicts a special machine called Zeltiq, that actually freezes the fat off one's butt (and other flabby bits if necessary)! Looks like some monster from a science fiction movie but apparently it works.

Here are some trial versions I did and soon I will publish the version that the editor has chosen:

Friday, 4 February 2011

Breath in, breath out

I was hoping to post my new illustration (for an article about breathing exercises) for Twoj Styl a bit earlier but a sudden bout of flu stopped me in my tracks. So let's breath in deeply and have a look: